Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Project Overview

Many coastal communities face coastal erosion and inundation risks. We are already experiencing erosion problems across the Bundaberg region including Woodgate Beach, Moore Park Beach, Nielsen Beach and Miara. It is anticipated that projected sea level rise and more intense storms from a changing climate will increase and extend these risks.

To assist in understanding and adapting to climate change, Bundaberg Regional Council has developed a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS). The CHAS looks at hazards such as coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and sea level rise and identifies adaptation options to reduce risks associated with these coastal hazards.

Council has completed a draft version of the Strategy and Action Plan for a 28-day period of community consultation starting 3 August 2020 to 31 August 2020.

Council is now seeking feedback from members of the community on the Draft Strategy and Action Plan. Have your say!

How can I have my say?

Members of the Community are invited to have their say on the Draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy. The consultation period runs from the 3rd August to 31st August 2020. The Strategy can be viewed HERE.

We encourage you to participate in our community consultation process. Submissions on the Draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy must include your full name, property address and email contact.

Submissions can be made via:

  • Submission Form on this Engagement Platform
  • Written correspondence to: 

Our Coast Submission, PO Box 3130, Bundaberg QLD 4670 or to any Customer Service Centre

Submissions must be lodged by Monday 31st August 2020 at 4pm.

Project Update #8 August 2020

Council has completed the draft Strategy and Action Plan which will be released to the public for a 28-day period of community consultation from 3 August 2020 to 31 August 2020. Council is seeking feedback from members of the community on the strategy and action plan. Have your say!

Project Update #7 May 2020

Did you know that under the Global Commission of Adaptation, 2020 is the year of Action on Climate Change Adaptation? This is a welcome reminder of the importance of coastal hazard adaptation planning across Queensland, and the work undertaken locally to protect Our Coast, Bundaberg’s stretch of over 100km of beautiful coastline.

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  • Phase 1

    Plan for life-of-project stakeholder communication and engagement

  • Phase 2

    Scoping coastal hazard issues for the area of interest

  • Phase 3

    Identify areas exposed to current and future coastal hazards

  • Phase 4

    Identify key assets potentially impacted

  • Phase 5

    Risk assessment of key assets in coastal hazard areas

  • Phase 6

    Identify potential adaptation options

  • Phase 7

    Socio-economic appraisal of adaptation options

  • Phase 8

    Strategy development, implementation and review

  • Please Note:

    Estimated Completion September 2020 - Subject to change

The CHAS is being funded by the QCoast2100 program and Bundaberg Regional Council. The QCoast2100 program is a commitment by the Queensland Government in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to provide funding, tools and technical support to Queensland coastal councils to prepare plans and strategies to address coastal hazard risks as a result of climate change.
For more information about the QCoast2100program, including the minimum standards and guidelines CLICK HERE