Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Updates & News

  • Project Update #5 August 2019

    The results of the community survey revealed what resident’s value most about the Bundaberg Region coastline and will be used to shape the CHAS. More than 600 residents participated in the survey and the headline findings are:

    The top five ways people use the coast:

    • Enjoying view
    • Recreational activities (in the water)
    • At the water’s edge
    • Socially
    • Visiting cafes, restaurants etc

    The top five qualities and characteristics of the coast:

    • Presence of native animals
    • Relaxed lifestyle
    • Sandy beaches
    • Functioning infrastructure
    • Regulation of development

    The top five concerns about the coast:

    • Dune erosion
    • Water quality
    • Loss of vegetation
    • Safe beach access
    • Population growth

    The results from the community values survey will be used to assist to shape the future strategy and manage the risks of coastal hazard by provide guidance and a framework by which adaptation options to coastal hazards will be identified.


    The fourth and fifth CRG meetings were held in May and June 2019 where members contributed to developing and validating the complex vulnerability and risk assessment processes as part of Phases 4 and 5 of the CHAS. For example, at the fourth CRG the group provided input to the risk assessment assumptions including looking at the scales of consequence of coastal hazard across a range of scenarios and sea level conditions. At the fifth CRG  the group were provided the preliminary results of the coastal hazards risk assessment across the Bundaberg coastal region and consideration was given to acceptance and tolerance levels the community has to coastal hazard risks and how this acceptance or tolerance level may change over time with rising sea level conditions. The group were presented with the priority areas, i.e. those settlements subject to intolerable risks and the sea level scenario that triggers the intolerable risk.


    The CRG also provided input to the vision of resilience for the Bundaberg coastal region to understand what the future state for the coastal settlements in terms coastal hazard risk is and how can each adaptation option help to achieve this.


    The statements of vision, coupled with the community survey insight will provide the framework for Phase 6 where the project team will discuss potential adaptation options to reduce or maintain risk from coastal hazard.